Due to 2 years of COVID there is a national shortage of 6,000 umpires nationwide affecting all AFL levels. The YJFL umpire registrations are down to 281 in 2022 vs 383 in 2021.  

The most important message we have for the club, is to please respect the umpires on game day.  The shortage of these critical people is going to come with its own set of challenges.  This request is extended not only to players, but to our families and any supporters that come to watch the kids play.   

So that games can proceed, the YJFL is offering paid, ‘Club Umpire’ roles to capable people, for example: parents, older siblings and past players. 

These ‘Club Umpires’ will be paid at the same rate as the League Umpires. Rovers ‘Club Umpires’ will also assist the Kew Rovers by reducing the admin costs of League Umpires.  

In addition, ‘Club Umpires will receive a free Umpire Uniform after registration on ‘OfficialsHQ’ and completing the basic umpire accreditation. 

We need to have one ‘Club Umpire’ per team to ensure that games will proceed.  

U8-U11s will need to provide club (Rovers) umpires for home games.  If we get allocated league umpires that will be a bonus.

The league may only be able to provide 1 umpire for U12s and up.  If we get allocated 2 league umpires that will be a bonus. We will need to provide umpires to make up the 2. 

The league will communicate weekly the club to notify us of shortages for the upcoming round. 

Umpire registration information can be found here 

Kew Rovers will coordinate people who are interested in filling this role through an Umpire Coordinator (our Vice President), Jen Noonan, who can be contacted on vp@kewrovers.com.au  

Please express your interest ASAP by emailing Jen who will guide you through the simple steps of registration, and most importantly, place you on our umpire database ASAP. We would be extremely disappointed if a team could not play their game of footy due to no umpire after the last 2 seasons. 

The YJFL is not expecting you to be a well-rehearsed umpire, nor have previous experience, nor where the correct uniform, it is all about making sure we have someone to umpire if all else fails, and the kids get to paly a game of footy. 

YJFL have also issued a Umpiring cheat sheet to assist everyone in how to umpire the game and make it flow and not be too precious about the decisions you make. 

Please register your interest and talk to all your friends and family out in the community.